It shouldn’t be different

Because I am a woman
I get into an altercation with a man, he hits me, leaves a mark on my face, yet they say I was supposed to be quiet,I am irrational, they say with this my behaviour, I couldn’t find a man to marry, I should apologise.
I get into an altercation with a man, I hit him, they say I am disrespectful, no manners, I should be quiet, I am too irrational, with this my behaviour, I wouldn’t find a man to marry me, I should apologise to him. So no matter what the case may be, my morals and discipline are measured based on my level of silence even in the face of oppression and brutality.
Because I am a woman,
My husband defiled his marital vows, I am told to be quiet in order to save the sage the marriage,I am reminded to be a proverb 31 woman who builds her home, I am asked to tolerate making an excuse that “all men cheat”, I am told to be more stylish, to satisfy him, to pray better, to lose some weight.
I cheat on my husband……I am called a prostitute, an abomination, I have no right to Express/desire sexual attention and emotional support elsewhere even if I lack in at home, I am supposed to endure…I have tagged an irresponsible mother, So I am sent packing out of the home I invested my sweat, time and soul and love. All wrapped in a bag.
Are you sure these two children are for the husband?
Finding love becomes a difficult task for an “after two” as they now call me.
All because I am a woman.

He is 26 and runs an establishment, he is called hardworking, focused,career-oriented, successful at a young age.
I am 26, I run an establishment, No wonder she’s not married, chasing money, her priorities are misplaced, doesn’t she knows her wealth will chase all the men away?
As if been successful was gender personified.
Because I am a woman, my financial stability must be tied to a man unless I wouldn’t be treated with respect.
If I am unmarried and financially stable I have tagged a “runs girl ” “small girl big god”..if I am married, she’s married to a rich man.
A man loses his wife to death, and remarried after a year, they say ah he even tried, he respects his late wife for waiting that long, they congratulate him for moving forward…
A woman loses her husband to death and remarried after 5year….Ahah this woman, so early? are you not sure she was sleeping with the other man when her husband was still alive? she must have planned with her lover to kill her husband, she has tagged a slut, a witch.
Just because she is a woman

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